Recording Diary: Sneak Peek of Nick on Synths and Erica’s Vocals at Studio

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Nick recording keys for the new album

Here is a sneak peek of Nick recording synths on our new album. Then the second part of the video is another glimpse at the studio where Erica is cutting vocals. Please share this blog and video from our You Tube channel Please subscribe if you have not already… Or subscribe to our RSS feed to our blog. Thank you for watching!

Ledaswan’s New Music, Recording, Lyric Talk and Quirkiness-Ness

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Lalo of Ledaswan on Keys for the New Album

What can i say about listening back to the songs and adding keys…. Nothing less than i love the essence of keys, the sound of strings and other “musical” devices. This video (my first edit on imovie with the iphone5)… entails Ledaswan hanging out as we decide on some production of key placement. If you wait about a minute through Nick and Lalo lay down some sweet keys that remind me of Sparkehorse an amazing band that makes me feel alive about music. It inspires me to hear things like this and it excites me deeply to be able to implement elements from artists i respect and admire and to scatter those influences on our upcoming album. I hope you enjoy and please subscribe to our you tube channel LEDASWAN on YOUTUBE and share our video with your friends. xxx Erica Swany-Gurl. P.S. the music at the beginning of the video (other than our keys) is by local band “Something Fiction” and legendary UK band “Adorable.” :-) thank u.

Top 3 Vintage/Resale Shops in San Antonio by Erica Swan

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For me fashion and music go hand in hand like two peas in a pod…well, you get the picture. I love fashion, and like music, you can express, create, and be free in fashion… So this blog lists my top 3 local vintage/resale shops I’ve been lucky enough to come across in San Antonio. These are great not only for their awesome swag but for being reasonably priced and of course for the exceptional friendly “customer service.” Meet my top 3 list; vintage and resale shops!

Number Three favorite resale/thrift shop is located in the west side of San Antonio, called “All Things Beautiful.” Yes, it can be hit or miss but i think the beauty of any resale or thrift shop is the anticipation or mystery behind knowing that you are on the verge of finding that awesome just have to keep digging and item-by-item carefully look through the racks. I’ve purchased some very cool items here. from a peacock mask to some pretty green shoes.

Number Two best vintage/resale shop is Collective Vintage AKA Rad Vintage & Thrift I would have to say that owner of Rad Vintage & Thrift Rachel Ann Dealy is super sweet and fashion forward minded. quite talented… i think she’d have no problem being a fashion consultant to those that are looking for some direction in the style arena…. I was a fan of Rachel’s concept since she had her shop literally out of her house. Which i thought was pretty unique at the time. Now located on 1432 S. St. Mary’s near the S. Town district you should definitely drop by when you are in the shopping mood. The clothes are very reasonably priced and you will find something great. Rachel has an eye for fashion so she surely can help you sort something out. You’ll find everything from vintage to resale designer pieces. “Collective Vintage.” live it, love it, wear it.

Me in Cool zip-up cozy sweater top from Collective Vintage, San Antonio, TX

Number One best vintage shop is Montage Vintage. The reason why i put this at the top of the list is because Montage Vintage is “ready to wear” and even though i never use to be a big fan of reconstructed vintage. I am a fan of how owner Shelby Guevara reconstructs her pieces. Not to mention her amazing jewelry collection…It’s quite stunning and most pieces i believe are reconstructed by Shelby. There are some great dresses that I picked up here a few days ago that were just stunningly gorgeous and downright cute. Luckily i dropped by during a 50% off sale. She has some great jackets, dresses, accessories, and shorts that have been nicely reconstrcuted with lacey trimming… everything here is ready to wear and currently trending!

My super lovely country dress from Montage Vintage, San Antonio, TX

The great thing about these shops is not just the unique vision the owners share but also the down-to-earth feel and the relationships they genuinely put forth effort to make with you. They are always supportive of the local arts and music scene. To me they are more than local business owners but friends. Please go visit their shops, vintage is not for everyone but i think with an open mind it could work for most.

New Album BBQ Fundraiser -Help Erica Record Vocals

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Please help me record my vocals for our new full-length album.. We are selling pre-sale tix with this flyer printed in color on card stock. So instead of doing a Kickstarter at the moment we are going grassroots. Your donation will help to pay for studio time to record my vocals in a fabulous studio! …your donation would help us a great deal! Contact us at erica (at) & we can get you your tix this week! thank you in advance. ~Erica

Ledaswan – ‘Six is Better’ (Offical Video)

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Special thanks to Ismael Rodriguez and Richard Jemal for filming and editing this video for us. This is from our last EP NUMB3R, which is available on iTunes.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.


Last stages of Recording New Album

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Ledaswan is in its final stages of recording guitars and vocals these next couple months. We are very excited of what’s to come. I’ve been going into Comia Studios for pre-production for the new album and should start recording in about two weeks. Ledaswan will be doing some fundraisers in order to promote and launch the new album. Old Skool and new Skool ways of fundraising. The old School will be our BBQ Fundraiser when things cool down on Sept. 1st. Our new Skool fundraising avenue will launch on (a new artist crowd sourcing platform in Beta). Patronism is based out of Austin Texas. Ledaswan’s application was accepted to build a platform on Patronism, this will consist of rare videos, demos, recordings, studio sessions, music video “behind the scenes,” and photographs (& etc. etc.) of the band. Our hope is that our fans and or sponsors will “patron” Ledaswan on in order for us to launch & market our new full-length album. Since we do not have a record label and completely DIY some of these means are crucial in helping a band like us successfully release a new album and get it out on a national or global level. We hope that locally you’ll Patron ledaswan at our next BBQ Fundraiser Sept. 1st, and through the internet on a global level through We believe with the internet and with the way the “music industry” is in constant flux .. why not embrace whatever is new and available to us… now? Lookout for the BBQ Fundraiser taking place in San Antonio Sept. 1st and a chance to patron Ledaswan on xxx ~Erica.

Indie Fest 2012! Today @Broadway 50/50 Colonade

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Erica’s b-day party at 502 Jul 7th

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Special thanks to Tattooed Boy for making this amazing flier

Ledaswan – If You Can (live at Luminaria 2012)

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Ledaswan – Dark Trees (live at Luminaria 2012)

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Video shot and edited by Santa Slice