LedaSwan, Inc.
Featuring Floe - Motion Posture & Breath Classes
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>>Floe-Motion Private Sessions:
One weekly slot opening up March 12 - April 9, 10:00AM.
Contact jlistenb@earthlink.net
>>Mid-Winter Floe-Motion Class
begins March 4 at Changeling Studios.
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About LedaSwan...

LedaSwan, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit corporation based in Oxford, MS and San Jose, CA.

We provide classes, workshops and private instruction to support life-long health and pleasure in movement, and performances that feature music and dance collaborations bridging geographic, cultural, generational and aesthetic distance.

In Greek mythology, Zeus united with the woman, Leda, in the form of a swan.  This metaphor represents many polarities including heaven/earth, ancient/contemporary, masculine/feminine and music/dance.

We believe that the impulse to express the soul though music and dance is a universal human quality, and that human experience can be directly communicated through collaborative music and dance.  Our mission is to facilitate such collaboration, supporting it through the sophisticated physical training of Floe - Motion techniques for everyone.

We pledge quality, integrity, transparency and responsibility in education, service and fiscal matters.
Elli Williams, Laura Johnson and Jennifer Mizenko in Jimmyle Listenbee's Koan Treading
Kevin Frey plays 5-Color Cowboy